Enable Seamless Adoption of the Swytch Token

Swytch and Partner to

Enable Seamless Adoption of the Swytch Token



Partnership Will Provide Token Holders a Mobile Wallet and Blockchain Expertise

Blockchain-based clean energy incentive Swytch and, the easiest way to learn about, buy and store cryptocurrencies, today announced a partnership to enable effortless adoption of the Swytch token (SET).


In addition to providing Swytch token holders with a mobile wallet to hold their digital assets, the platform will also provide tailored lessons about the Swytch token and its benefits and uses.


The partnership taps the Platform API, which enhances the relationship between Swytch and its users. Swytch’s innovative blockchain-based solution tracks and verifies the impact of sustainability efforts and actions on the worldwide level of CO2 emissions. The Platform API enables Swytch to easily engage with and educate users, provide wallets to users and initiate airdrops and transfers of tokens.


Swytch leverages smart meter and blockchain technology to reward the companies and people who reduce carbon emissions the most. At the core of the Swytch solution is an open-source “Oracle” that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine how much carbon is being displaced and therefore how many Swytch tokens to award. As a result, producers of renewable energy create Swytch tokens by generating solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy.


“At, we are on a mission to drive mass adoption to the extraordinary use cases behind cryptocurrency,” said Miguel Kudry, co-founder and CEO of “The Swytch team is working on a prominent solution to many of the pressing issues facing the renewable energy sector and we look forward to helping drive innovation and collaboration in this space.”


New cryptocurrency users often face complicated onboarding processes before they are able to start obtaining tokens. Ben’s platform focuses on the customer experience, essentially acting as a mobile assistant to help users easily receive, store and learn about cryptocurrencies and stay up to date on the latest company developments.


“This partnership will be valuable for us to reach our goal of mass adoption of the Swytch token and consequently bring the world one step closer to running on 100 percent renewable energy,” said Evan Caron, co-founder and managing director of Swytch. “The platform will provide us the means to create a streamlined user experience and keep our users engaged during the evolution of our project.”


To stay up to date with the latest developments from the Swytch team, follow Swytch on TelegramMediumTwitter and Youtube.


About Swytch

Austin-based Swytch is a blockchain platform that empowers people, cities and countries to reach their renewable energy goals. Swytch operates by continuously capturing real-time data from smart devices, creating verifiable digital assets that serve as proof of energy production and valuing future energy based on historical and predictive values. This creates smarter more intelligent energy grids that will move to make more informed decisions about investments, policies and efficient outcomes. For more information, visit or follow Swytch on TelegramMedium and Twitter.


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