Caspian Facilitating OTC Trading Growth

OTC Bitcoin Brokers Praise Caspian For Facilitating OTC Trading Growth
– As the OTC market for BTC trading outstrips exchange supply, crypto trading platform will help sophisticated investors take advantage –
San Francisco – 11 October 2018 – Caspian, the full-stack crypto trading and risk management platform for institutional investors and sophisticated traders, is in a unique position to facilitate even more growth within the Over The Counter (OTC) market for Bitcoin trading with its trading technology platform, that provides streaming prices and RFQ framework for such trades.
While the exact amounts for OTC trading are difficult to calculate, most commentators now accept that this market outstrips the exchange market, which estimates to be around $11 billion in daily trading volume.
“Institutional investors, who want to increase their cryptocurrency exposure and trade BTC in ticket sizes equivalent to $100,000 and above, are increasingly relying on the OTC market to facilitate this activity. As a technology platform that has years of experience dealing with these investor needs, Caspian is uniquely placed to assist these users because of the unique features that our solution offers,” said Robert Dykes, CEO of Caspian.
The Caspian features that OTC trading investors can benefit from include live prices, streaming prices and the RFQ framework that is being built into the platform. In addition to these features, recent partnerships are another reason why institutional investors utilising OTC markets are well served by Caspian.
The crypto trading platform recently partnered with OSL and  B2C2, to enable users to trade with these liquidity providers as they would an exchange.
Dave Chapman, Chairman of OSL, Asia’s leading Digital Asset brokerage firm, said: “Functionality like live aggregated pricing along with institutional grade risk controls will help the world of digital asset trading to evolve further.”
“A lack of standardization among exchanges has plagued the cryptocurrency industry from the beginning, as connecting to each exchange’s bespoke API is no small task. Caspian gives large and small participants access to point and click trading on every major exchange in a single, unified place. This is a huge boon for funds, arb traders and pretty much anyone trading on the exchanges,” said Zane Tackett, Head of OTC Sales at B2C2.

Caspian provides investors with a comprehensive Order and Execution Management System (OEMS), Portfolio Management System (PMS) and Risk Management System (RMS), backed by experienced customer support. Its features include professional-grade execution, portfolio management and reporting capabilities.
About Caspian:
Caspian is a full-stack crypto asset management platform tying together the biggest crypto exchanges in a single interface. The platform also offers compliance, algorithms, portfolio management, risk and reporting. Led by an experienced team of developers, and leveraging the capabilities and resources of two existing, successful financial businesses as its co-build partners, Caspian is building an ecosystem that enables sophisticated traders to operate more efficiently and improve their performance.
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