Intel Update, October 19, 2018

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Here’s a recap of the hottest trending stories in business technology, with an added bit of Intel perspective.

IoT and Smart Agriculture Are Building Our Future Cities Today

If you’re like most of us, you’re well acquainted with smartphones, smart homes, and smart cars (remember the first time you saw a smart car, maybe in the movie “The Da Vinci Code” when the main characters use it as a getaway car? That was years ago.). Well, it’s time to meet the smart farm. IoT tech is coming to agriculture to help smart cities grow more food, a critical capability for a future with crowded cities.

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Why Cars Aren’t the Real Stars of the Autonomous Revolution

Speaking of smart cars, word on the street is they’re not the only sector affected by autonomous technology. In fact, autonomous tech could have an even greater impact on freight hauling, food delivery, marine transport, and more. Because of their current pain points, these industries could see big benefits from this tech fast. So even more things are about to get smart.

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New Enterprise Opportunities Made Possible With HPC, AI, and IoT

Remember how long it took for smartphones to catch on? Back when half of your friends still had flip phones and complained when you texted them because they didn’t have unlimited texting? But now we barely remember those days. HPC has also been around for a while, and we’ve reached the point where industries are embracing it, in part because AI and the IoT are helping them apply HPC in new ways. Pretty soon, we won’t remember a time before HPC.

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5 Ways 5G Will Rock Our World

In addition to blasting data 100 times faster than 4G, 5G will change the world in some pretty impressive ways. Just a couple examples: It will help us say goodbye to cords, and the computing associated with AI won’t have to live in far-flung data centers. So if you weren’t already excited about 5G (or if you’d grown complacent already because of all the press attention 5G has gotten), now’s the time to get excited.

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Technology in the Years Ahead

Close your eyes and picture the world 50 years from now. What technology do you see? Believe it or not, what you and your peers imagine has an impact on companies now. (If you’re one of those companies, heads up: What consumers think about the future of tech matters.) Intel’s Next 50 study offers an interesting look into the heads of today’s consumers, so if you work in tech, it’s worth a look.

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