Ethereum Classic Continues Development

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Hi there,

The ETC Cooperative, which is one of many independent organizations working on ETC, received a small but meaningful contribution from the Ethereum Foundation recently. While not all agree, the ETC Cooperative believes this is an important step in encouraging more developers to support ETC, work with us, and adopt our core values.

So, why would the Ethereum Foundation contribute to ETC Cooperative? According to Virgil Griffith of EF:

  • They would like to see ETH support in IOHK’s Mantis client; IOHK being another ETC developer team.
  • SputnikVM, an EVM implementation by ETCDEV is sometimes faster than their own version; ETCDEV is also an independent ETC developer team.
  • Plus a whole bunch of other ETC-created tools and research that you can see in the full article linked below.
Read the Full Announcement Here
P.S. Both the ETC Cooperative and ETCDEV are hiring!

Thanks again for choosing to keep up with ETC.

Until next time,

~Anthony Lusardi
Director, US | Ethereum Classic Cooperative

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